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The Big 3: Sam Bose

Posted on Aug 10, 2020 by Cambridge Catalyst

Sam Bose, founder and CEO of, tells Catalyst about the three professionals that have been integral to his success

I grew up in a mining town in India and my family has history in developing India’s mining industry, so my journey in natural resources industries started at young age. This gives me a deep appreciation of the real-world challenges faced by people working in these industries, and my motivation is to use leading-edge technologies like AI, IoT and automation to make mining more efficient, safer and more sustainable.

I bring two decades’ worth of experience working with emerging tech at leading technology and management consulting companies; I have been involved with ARM, Motorola and Deloitte, and I co-founded two companies prior to was started with a mission to make an impact on capital and asset-intensive industries like mining by combining technologies like AI, Industrial IOT and process knowledge to reimagine the industry value chain. Today, the global mining industry is grappling with the three pressures of: lower ore grades, which is driving the move towards underground operations and improved efficiency; increasing environmental and sustainability regulations/investor pressure that is driving risk in their license to operate across global markets; and an ageing workforce with fewer of the next generation agreeing to work on-site as their predecessors. These three pressures are driving global mining companies to strategically review their operations and explore the introduction of new technology to reimagine their future operations. is an industrial AI company making mining operations efficient, sustainable and safe through trusted and open artificial intelligence solutions. Based in Cambridge (with an Engineering Development Centre in Barcelona and field offices at Santiago, Chile, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Perth, Australia), our real-time decision-making industrial AI platform,, and Optimization as a Service (OAAS) applications are being used across various mining operations in Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and South Africa with a focus on covering the mine-to- marketing value chain.

1) Rumy Sandhu-Bose

Over the past two decades, Rumy has been a partner in both personal and professional life. She has been the first investor in my companies and been integral to evaluating any business idea from a commercial and risk perspective. She was the first finance director of and instrumental in ensuring the processes and commercial principles of the business were established and implemented.

She continues to oversee and support the company through her role as an active board member, investor and supporter.
Her current focus is to ensure provides its technology for improving the sustainability footprint of our customers and making a positive impact on the planet.

2. Dr Steve Garnett

Over the past decade, Steve has been a mentor, investor and guide in my projects. His amazing experience in building Oracle, Siebel and Salesforce has been an inspiration to me while we developed from the ground up. He has been a lead investor as we moved the company across the different stages of our evolution. Steve has shaped our company’s direction and as chairman of the board has consistently guided me with sage advice and interventions at appropriate times to ensure our company and team fulfil their potential. His philanthropic activities are an inspiration to me and have shaped some of my interests in this area.

3. Nick Owen

During my professional career at Deloitte Consulting and then starting my first entrepreneurial venture, Nick was pivotal in mentoring and providing guidance as I transitioned from learning my craft in a big organisation to starting my own venture. Nick’s guidance was indispensable through this transition, as an advisor and early investor in my venture. Over the past few years he has been an independent observer and a sounding board as has grown and navigated through choppy waters.

This article first featured in Issue 06 of Cambridge Catalyst.

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