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Charity seeks stem professionals to retrain as teachers

Posted on Mar 31, 2020 by Cambridge Catalyst

Now Teach is looking for 100 people from Cambridge and the surrounding areas who are ready to change career and retrain as teachers.

The education charity, which has now recruited more than 200 people to retrain, gives expert advice and support to help people successfully become teachers, and is particularly seeking successful people working in areas where there is a shortage, such as maths, sciences, computing and languages.

Now Teach was co-founded by former journalist Lucy Kellaway, who in her late fifties gave up her job at the Financial Times to retrain as a maths teacher. “I decided to become a teacher at 58 because I realised I wasn’t getting any better at my job,” she explains. “I set up Now Teach because there wasn’t a straightforward way for experienced career-changers like me to get into teaching.”

Following a successful pilot group in the area last year, Now Teach is recruiting experienced people to
change career, and train and teach in local schools, shaping the workforce of tomorrow. “We’re looking for people – with a desire to teach young people – who have significant experience at work,” continues Lucy. “You’ve seen something of life and you want to share that with young people.”

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